November 19, 2013

International Yatching Model Pagaent 2013 | E&O Hotel

It was really an honour to be invited to go to International Yatching Models Pagaent 2013 at E&O Hotel, Penang

Thanks Stefphanie Lee ,Miss Cosmos 2007 for the invitation of course

Few invited friends and of course boyfie is in the list

and I have one lovely lady joining that evening

cocktail session by the garden

Then when the competition start,we gathered up in the ballroom

We have a pretty lady "Tong Ping Yu" as the lady emcee of the night


The Talent Show

The evening wear session + Q&A

While waiting for the result, we were entertained by great performance by our young local artist,the talented pretty lady Joey Leong and World Harmonicanist Keith Valentine

and when the result was annouced
We had 3 beautiful ladies being crowned
Had a great time watching them putting effort in giving the best performance that night
Congratulations to all the winner as well as the other participants
They really did a great job

After the competition,guest were served dinner at Sarkies,E&O Buffet

 So proud of you Joey, my first time seeing her performed live that night

 we have Stephanie Lee and The School,principal 

Last but not least my lady companion of the night,Joel

till then,

My Makeup for the night
Foundation : CHANEL Lumiere in beige 20
Eyeshadows : NARS Cordura and NAKED 2
Eyeliner : Shu Uemura Liquid Penliner
Eyebrows : Shu Uemura Hard Brows Pencil / Heavy Rotation Brows Gel
Blush : MAC
Lipstick : MAC (Forgotten the name of colour because I have depoted them)

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