January 13, 2014

We gotta hang out! Macalister Mansion with Qweny

I absolutely love chilling with friends with some catching up session.However, it's always the timing and efforts matters that become the reason why there are less gather up time nowadays between friends. Can be understood that most friends have got their own plan,
some are tied up with work and some are far away.
However, friends' get-together time at least once or twice a month is a very healthy cultivation to do.
Well, said to myself, that this is my 2014 resolution.
Should at least have ONE girls-day-out in a month
At least I care of what are my friends around are up to right?

Qweny is far away. However we kinda stay close despite the distance.
It was great that we managed to hook up every time she comes back
Merely a short catch up was so delightful already.

So we went "Living Room" at Macalister Mansion the last month she came back
I love the place! I have been going back there for like the fifth time already.

What we had that day. Their lunch menu are serving fine.
Absolutely my favourite.
Tea time isnt mainly about chit chatting
What girls do best are PHOTO!

So friends,lets make more time for each other
You will never know how much you have missed hanging out with your friends
BEWARE! I am dating you out soon
So, dont reject my invites! Bring your kids out if you have!


January 7, 2014

Baby Nic birthday feast at Via Pre

My blog gave me a huge heart popping feeling past weeks.
The domain went expired and I had the renewal totally forgotten.
Restoring and renewal took me a while and now, it is a huge relief that everything is back to its usual

So now, I am gonna blog about my babe's birthday celebration
It was back in Dec
I know its like super late post right
But its better than skipping *wink

So 3 of us girls,get dressed up and drove to have a simple birthday dinner
Just us 3, eating all up the great food
We picked Via-pre and it was the birthday girl first visit

I always love the food in Via-Pre
especially the cold cuts!!!!!

 I get to finish this whole thing on my own because its not their thing! HAHAHA!!

just the 3 silly us

so when you have giirls with you
what we do best is selfie

Once again baby Nic
Happy growing old!
No worries,we gonna love you just like we always do