February 19, 2014

The Press | TWG | Penang

I could see blogs about great CNY celebrations.I have not much to blog about CNY, however I do have a great time throughout the 15 days. I spent times with family, gathered with relatives, meeting up with friends who we never get to meet everyday. Always had that kind of annual meeting every year in the CNY and I personally think its a good thing to cultivate

Lets start my blog now.
Penang is now a great tourist attractions.Heritage cafes scattered everywhere,the art walls,museums and food just keep people entertained.
I would consider myself half a penangites, and I have visited quite a number of heritage cafes around Penang.However, in this post, I am not gonna talk about heritage cafes but more of modern cafe/lounge/bar
So there is this current "in" thing in Penang,which is the Rooftop lounge.Penang is not big so we dont have much great rooftop lounge yet like in KL.
Aside from Thirty Six in Bayview Hotel, we now have
Add : 2, Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang
Contact : +6012 402 4042

Nice place to chill and sip your drinks.
It not high up the building tho,just a double to three stories height
Good enough to give some wind at night

 Went there with boyfie to meet up miss J and her friend

 Another new place that came to Penang is this tea place
Ground Floor of Paragon Mall, Penang
OK, for KL or you who maybe from big city wouldnt see TWG as anything prominent
But this is the first store in Penang after so long
Lets have pastries and macaroons!
My first visit to TWG was with two lovely ladies who came back from Aus
Suz & Jas
We were there for lunch + tea

It was just a little store in the mall. Couldn't accommodate many anyway. However, we managed to get our seat.
Lets have some candid

Till we hangout again!
Come back more!

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