March 11, 2014

The valentine's proposal

14th of February
Everyone knows that its a day where every loved one celebrate their love
This year 14th of Feb of mine was kinda special
It was a proposal day
Ah! Not mine not mine

We as the close friends, gathered,took part and helped out for the whole proposal plan
It was the effort of the guy
He really put in effort to make this proposal to perfection
Lets see what happened

Preparation in progress!

And when she came in with surprise

Stood in the middle to watch the video that was prepared,
flashing all the memories they have had for the past 11 years together
YES! Freaking 11 years!

 She was tearing throughout the video
and then, the guy, Ricky appeared at her back,walking in silently without her noticing after the video

 The proposal began!
Of course he got a "YES" from the girl

Sweetest love bird
Ricky and Jenny

It was the effort of everyone too to make this proposal a success
Waiting for their big day
Hopefully soon!

After a week, we had an appreciation dinner together

 Had a good bonding session with the groom and bride to-be
A great night of gathering and chatting out

Congratulations once again to Ricky and Jenny
May their love be blessed with eternity

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