May 7, 2014

Heaven Gate | New Menu Launched!

If you are my blog reader,you definitely see me blogging about my favourite cafe in town, Heaven Gate for more than once 
You can read again HERE and HERE
So for now, you must be wondering what am I gonna say about Heaven Gate again
In this blog post,I am going to introduce their NEWLY launched menu for the quarter

Some dishes are newly introduced while some are the old dishes but ingredients are being improved
Serving totally whole new level of dishes
In Heaven Gate, you do not need to pay through your nose to get a fine course meal

A selfie before the food was served!

Let me begin now with their menu
The appertizer


 Seafood chowder (RM16.90)
Seafood taste for sure in this soup. Crab meats,clams, and prawns are toasted in the soup.
Of course you get the balance with the carrots and corns too

 Forest mushroom soup (RM16.90)
From their previous mushroom soup, this taste so much better. Its now not too salty and the whole texture is so much smoother.
Highlight of this soup is the dumpling at the side of the plate.
The awesome mixture when u bite the dumpling together with a spoon of soup
HIGHLY recommended!

Scotch broth (RM12.90)
Vege lover, this is definitely one right order you should make if you visit Heaven Gate.
Mixed vegetables and some slices of chicken meat make the whole bites well balanced


 House specialty Wakame salad (RM16.90)
My favourite pick of salad!
Sesame oil + the fresh grreens + the salmon sashimi = AWESOMENESS

 Seafood cake (RM16.90)
So you are the food explorer.
If you are looking for a special salad, cold + hot, this is definitely the one you should go for.
Crispy skin of the cake and it should be bite with the soft vege at the side

Ceaser Salad (RM16.90)
Yeap! Ceaser Salad it is!
The presentation of this salad kinda make me puzzled
However, it is one-of-a-kind ceaser that you can have
Ingredients are seperated and when you eat it, mix one by one and you get what you should
Have fun eating!

And now its time for the

Duo Tuna Penne (RM36.90)
Look how the tuna is being prepared! Totally the effort of the chef!
Medium rare marinated tuna slices with the penne make perfect match

 Chicken spaghetti (RM24.90)
Tomato based pasta lover like me gonna love this!
Tender chicken slice with the mixture of olive and tomatoes bring the pasta to a new level of taste
Highly recommended!

 Baked cod fish (RM78.00)
Higher price?! No worries, its worth paying for.
Fine fresh cod fish,well cut, and it is served with the chef self-made mashed potato + green tomato and herbs chutney
A MUST TRY dish in Heaven Gate!

 Line-caught baramundi (RM42.00)
If you want a big portion of main dish 
Go for this!
Grilled fish on top and crispy fried fish cake at the bottom are the best match
You gotta cut them together and mix it with the side veges then chew all in one !
 House special duo duck (RM58.00)
One of my favourite main ever since Heaven Gate is opened in Penang
With their improved recipe, making me loving it even more
It is now called duo duck because the duck is served in two ways.
One is the grilled piece, and another one is the dumpling!
Yeap! the filling of the dumpling is made of duck meat and veges

Lamb shank (RM68.00)
I dont know how to appreciate lamb.
Often times I dislike the strong smell of milk in lamb
However, Heaven Gate lamb surprisingly get my attention
There is no strong milky smell and the meat is tender!
Lamb lover, you gotta try this and rate it!

Having done with the mains, we have the long awaited dishes

 Bailey's creme brulee (RM18.90)
The improved creme brulee now with bailey added in!
My all time favourite!

 The Chocolate Fondat (RM18.90)
Fresh from the oven.The brownies gonna surprise you for sure.
A hot and cold mixture gonna make your mood better!
Highly recommended!

Oreo cheese cake (RM12.90)
I would suggest this dessert for a coffee lover
A piece of oreo cheese with a cup of espresso,hmmmm...what more could you ask for?
Heaven Gate is still the best place for a great dining at an affordable price.
Bring your loved one there today and they always have promotion on special day
Heaven Gate not only open to serve you food, they are also available for photoshooting purposes as well as other private function
Call up for your reservations!

Heaven Gate,Penang
Address: 1A, Lebuh King, Georgetown,
10200 Penang, 

Phone: 012-477 5979

Business hours: Daily 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

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