June 28, 2014

DIOR cosmetics boutique grand opening at Gurney plaza,Penang

DIOR cosmetics now have their own boutique now at Gurney Plaza Ground Floor
From the name of it, clearly known that their boutique is definitely elegantly set up

 Fully filled with lipsticks and lipgloss

Was invited to attend their grand opening that day.It was really awesome because I am a cosmetics junky.
Went and check out their new stuff

 Go get their pink and blue eyeliner! also the mascara!

I was very interested in their foundation
and so Tiffany (Dior Makeup artist) introduce me DIOR signature AirFlash Foundation
This is my current fav piece! It makes me having airbrushed finishing effect
and I had a great makeover session with Dior that day during the opening

 Firstly, I got my whole face cleansed with this cleansing water from Dior
Very refreshing 

Then he spray on Moist & Fix to hydrate my skin before makeup
And this, the base before foundation
This completely give me a dewy skin and prepare it for the foundation
Here comes foundation step
 There are many ways to use this foundation.
1. You can spray directly onto your face (20cm away from your face)
2. Spot spray on your face then glide it all over your face with sponge or fingers
3. If you have makeup brushes, you can also spray on the brush and then brush it evenly onto your face
I love DIOR brushes so much!
If you love to collect brushes like me, consider collecting DIOR makeup brushes
Not only their brushes' hair are of good quality but the wooden body of the brush making it looking elegant and professional
These are the foundation brushes from DIOR

Each of these have different purposes on foundation application

Lets see the effect of AIRFLASH FOUNDATION on me

I really love this foundation because it give a really dewy finishing.
Makeup like no makeup!
YOU MUST HAVE ONE in your makeup pouch!

Look for Tiffany! Friendly and sweet lady!
She can tour you around and get you what you should have!
Make your visit now at
DIOR Boutique
Gurney Plaza Ground Floor
http://www.gurneyplaza.com.my/ for more details