July 1, 2014

Bright eyes with Heavy Rotation KISS ME Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a thing that I cant live without
Without eyeliners, I personally think its like your eyes are dead
Do u know how much an eyeliner can make a different to your eyes?
Imagine a plain picture without a frame and with a frame
Trust me, its totally gonna have different look!
For this blogpost I'm using the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Brown which you can find  at either SASA or Watsons outlet at RM49.90.
They come in 3 colors, shiny black, shiny brown and shiny pink

Lets see the actual product that I get.
I choose Shiny Brown for more natural touch

The tip is so fine that you can create a smooth sharp line
Not just that.

If you are good at drawing artistic liners on your eyes, this tip really make your work easy!
The thinness of the eyeliner tip is one important factors to create a more precise eyeliner.
I was quite satisfied with the design of the tip which give me more control on drawing eyeliner.
The result was great

Under the fluorescent lighting, this is the actual colour of the eyeliner
It is water resistant
However, if your eyelids tends to be oily, you might be able to rub off but of course with harder rub

So maybe you can try applying eye base first before your eyeliner if you wanna skip eyeshadows
This is my BAREFACE!! Dont be scared!
If u still can notice a tiny eyeliners on my eyes,its because eyeliners is so important that I got it tattooed!
That doesnt matter anyway. It doesnt affect me in using other eyeliner
Alright now,we gotta get the work done on our eyes!

Follow your lash line and swipe from the front of your eyes till the end of your eyes then make a little wing at the end

Look at the gold shimmery effect on the brown base of the liner

If you want to create more dramatic look, try bolder liner + lower liner like how I did!

Girls, dont be afraid with drawing eyeliners. So what if your eyeliners arent as perfect as you want?
Its your art!
And practise makes perfect,remember?!
Have fun trying this awesome eyeliner

For more details on Heavy Rotation - Kiss Me products,
visit them HERE

GOOD NEWS ladies!
Visit your nearest SASA outlet now! KISS ME products are having PROMOTION!! 

LOOK again!
WITHOUT and WITH eyeliners on my eyes!

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