July 24, 2014

KATE Tokyo summer makeup workshop!

Its summer and in Malaysia, we are always in humid + hot whether. However that, its not gonna stop us from looking good right,be it the ladies or the guys. 
We definitely wanna look great by possible everyday!
I am a makeup artist myself and in summer, I love to play with different colour that matches the season.
Therefore, it was really a fun thing getting to join KATE summer makeup workshop last fortnight!
No1 leading cosmetics sales in Japan

These are KATE collections that you could find it in SASA, Watson, and other related beauty store!
This is my 2nd time with KATE workshop! You can read my previous entry HERE
I really love KATE products!
I have got their eyeshadows, their cleansing lotion, their foundation,their eyeliner and etc
I even use them for my client's makeover! So, KATE cosmetics are definitely great for professional use!
This year, we have Stevensunny,celebrity makeup artist as our makeup guru that day!
He is here to share a summer makeup and some tips on beauty
He is a guy and he knows us ladies so well!

Explaining what products we should have and use for the look!

after getting all done on the model's half face, here is how she looked

Natural summer makeup that suits you daily
The model will now need to get the other half done!
After the demo, it was our time to get our hand busy

We gonna have fun with all the cosmetics provided on the table

First of first, we need to start off our makeup on a clean face
My favourite cleansiong liquid!
Few pumps on the cotton pad and clean your whole face
Ladies! you need to have this one as your kit!
There is not necessary to rinse after cleansing with this lotion
So, meaning you can just go to bed after wiping clean your face with this! It leaves your skin fresh and no oily residue! well of course dont do this like in long term! Your sink will need some deep cleaning at times!
this is like .....

we gonna start off with the makeup

This is my favourite faoundation in KATE
Powderless liquid foundation
Why is it call powderless? Because you simply can skip the loose powder step after foundation
The magic is that, this liquid foundation will turn into powder form in just 15seconds!
Makeup guru did another look during the workshop
If you have monolid, no trouble!

 This is the look that you should go for!
Her monolid eyes popped up!
This is how makeup works wonder!
Tadah! Before the workshop, my pale bare face and dooof! After the workshop and with makeup ON!
I came alive!
This workshop did a great job in delivering makeup tips and how to create summer look
My partner, Ivy who join me for the workshop!
A selfie with the makeup guru

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Thanks for having us at the workshop!
Visit your nearest store of SASA / Watson / Kanebo store for their products!
You gonna LOVE them to the bits
Great products with affordable price and this makes everyone get to own the amazing thing!

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