July 28, 2014

Tour at Kiehl's Queensbay Mall Penang

I am a big fan of beauty.When It comes to subject regarding beauty,I will be all in!
It was a fun time having a tour around Kiehls at Queensbay Mall the other day
So excited being invited because I have always wanted to know more about Kiehls as I am also its user
To my surprise,Kiehls in Queensbay Mall Penang is their biggest store!

I am gonna go through a little info of Kiehls store
Kiehls products are not merely just skincare.
They range from skincare,bodycare,haircare,cosmetics and even aromatic products!
So, as you walk in their store, you could easily find their range
Every cabinet are labelled. So,there will not be hassle looking for what you want.

We had JOY, Kiehls PR Exec, briefing us regarding the history of Kiehls

and courtesy of her,she even prepared us food
How sweet!
We bloggers was well educated about Kiehls that day during the tour.
Thank you Kiehls for having us of course
This is just a short write of Kiehls and I am gonna tell you more on my coming blog
Stay tuned to know what had Kiehls got me and my reviews on their products!

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