July 4, 2014

Girl cant pee standing? GoGirl makes girls pee like a man!

Nothing obscene in this blogpost and there is no typo in my title of course.
Talking about washroom hygiene,It is always my MAIN CONCERN applied to almost everywhere I go.
Be it a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant, a club or public toilet in the mall, cleanliness is very important.Else it is gonna leaves everyone very uncomfortable.
Well,no matter how much fussy I am towards toilet cleanliness, outdoor toilet cleanliness is still out of my control.
I still meet dirty toilet and the worse thing is, there isn't facility provided for you to actually clean the toilet bowl seat especially.And you actually need to sit on it.
Sitting on the dirty toilet bowl firstly, you gonna get skin infections around your butt, skin rashes etc
and if you were to squat on the toilet bowl sit.,you might slip down and fall! DANGEROUS
A big NO NO especially to old ladies!
So what to do girl?
Practice the yoga posture which is the half squat when you pee and MAKE SURE you aim ACCURATELY!
How awkward is that right?

We girls can finally pee standing with this awesome creation from GoGirl!
Very curious with how this thing works right?
Lets see
Its smaller than my palm size as you could see here,measuring about 9.5cm in length only
So, you can fit it in your bag, your clutch and even your pocket (I have tried that)

See how much a small little tube can store all these in!
There are 3 items in the small tube
1. Disposable plastic bag
2. Tissue paper
3. The peeing device
The disposable bag and tissue paper are actually provided when you couldnt wash the device
Role it and seal it in the disposable bag

Did I mention that GoGirl device is clean, portable, discreet and reusable

  • Wash with soap and water, and dry GoGirl. (Dries real quick)
  • Lay the disposable plastic bag out and fold in half with a fresh tissue inside 
  • Fold the product onto itself and roll in the bag like how you roll your clothes 
  • Slide back into your tube for the next use.

You can watch a video on how here http://www.go-girl.com/how-to-use-gogirl.asp

This is what you can see from different side of view

 Well of course you shouldnt chuck it in the toilet bowl after used!
 How do you hold it?
This is how you hold it
 using your thumb and middle finger and hold it against your "V"

So when is this GoGirl comes in handy?
Camping / Boating / Travel / Festivals / Sports
You gonna need a GoGirl with you if you are active in these activities
Trust me! You will really appreciate having it

And you know what, It is now available to purchase in Malaysia
click on  http://www.myavenue.com.my/ to purchase now
you gonna see the site like this!

LIKE their FACEBOOK PAGE for more
Have fun ladies!
Lets practice the hygienic way in the loo and pee like a MAN!