August 19, 2014 FACELIFT

I hope you have notice the changes I have done to my blog
Finally I have got it revamped!
I have always wanted to revamp my blog layout,header etc but honest to say, I have very bad command in doing designs for blog.
After a long search and looking around at other bloggers' blog, I eventually got Carmen to get my blog a face-lift

and what you look around in my blog is the new stuff
With the new header and the whole simple minimal layout are something I would always wanted


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August 16, 2014

Five27 Chulia Street, Penang

I am finally back from my long trip *Peace*
That's why my blog has been inactive for a while

Alright,to start reactivate my blog, I gonna start with my review of FIVE 27
It was previously located at Straits Quay and now they have moved to Chulia Street
You must be wondering why is it called Five27.
Its actually the latitude of Penang island which is at apx 5.27

FIVE 27 is not merely a restaurant
They claim themselves as "Heritage Nightclub"
Ah, you must be thinking its gonna be like a room packed with party people and ear smashing music
But NO!
To me, its more like a cafe-bar-lounge kind of place
With live band during weekend and soft pop during the weekdays
Perfect place to chill and relax
Let me tour you around
 Stepping in the restaurant,you could immediately see the beautiful bar in the middle
and then the right and left of it will be these two different rooms
one namely THE YELLOW ROOM and another one is THE ORANGE ROOM
 The yellow room basically is the place for you to have a cup of drinks and chit chat 
Tables and stools are great for a lil discusion
 This orange room is the VIP corner.
Filled with imported furnitures and antiques
And for your information, the furnitures are from the collection of the boss himself
You can see the taste of the boss.Very oriental and special

Moving up to the first floor, is the dining area

There is this very nice corner on the first floor,which is my favourite corner.
There is bed kinda sofa and lots of pillow which I think it makes this corner very relaxing and home-alike
I would date my friends here and reserve this corner

Then these are the dining area on the first floor
 This is another bar at the first floor
Order their signature cocktail
Sweet and fresh, great for the ladies!

You prolly gonna ask,if its a restaurant,what about the food
NOW its the time I introduce you their food
First of all, I order my favourite cocktail. Mojito

 Bruschetta complimentary dish
Another complimentary dish is the Homemade Bread Rolls in the Bag with Butter
The cheese melted in the hot bun is yummilicious! It so nice that I think I can finish the whole pack of it!

Then here comes the soup!

 Wholesome Tomato Soup and Mushroom Soup
My vote goes to the mushroom soup
Mushroom soup is like my childhood must-order food
They serve good mushroom soup,so it was a YES from me

 Then we have this Chicken Liver Pate with pistachio on toasted crostino. 
The chicken liver is ground into paste,and take the crostino and spread the chicken liver paste on
I LOVE IT, but I think its not something that everyone could accept anyway because of the liver paste which has the "Sandy-kind-of-texture"
This beautiful dish is a Japanese starter
Japanese Tuna Tataki Salad
Whole plate consist of pan seared fresh tuna rolled in sesame seeds with mixed salad leaves, fresh beans, pearls shallots & boiled egg in ponzu dressing for you to dip on

 Then another starter is this Mini Seafood Quiche in filo pastry tartlet
This taste like a seafood keropok, and well I am okay with it
Eat while its still hot!

 My favourite dish
Escargot Bourguinonne
Snail! yes it is! Eating it may make you feel awful but believe me the texture taste just like normal seashells meet
Like Clams/mussels/Oyster/etc

Here comes the main course
 Ninja Chicken Burger
 meaty chicken burger zinging with lemongrass, chili and sweet pickled ginger with a stealthy wasabi mayonnaise for the fries.
Fast food lover, order this!
You gonna love it!

 Baked Fillet of Cod
on the mashed potato salad and peanut butter sauce
Asking me how does it taste?
I personally love fish,
I am very particular when it comes to fish especially the sauce and how the fish is made and this cod fish is good! 
There is no "stink fishy smells" I dont know how to describe but if fish are not properly made, there will be a kind of "fishy smell"

 I dont take beef, but I do ask my friend how does it tastes
Chargrilled beef Sirloin
Not too bad, Medium-rare, top with brown sauce
It looks great to me tho!

After a very filling dinner, I still spare a room for dessert!
Today we have 3 kinds of desserts
 Soft Chocolate Cake

 Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Almond Crepe
My personal favourite pick would be the soft chocolate cake
Warm cake + chilled fruit cubes + ice-cream = AWESOMENESS

Make your visit there!

Here are the info of 
Address : 357, Lebuh Chulia, George Town, Penang
Tel : +604 261 3809
Website :
Business hour :  Sunday to Thursday - 4pm - 2am
                               Fri - Sat,Public Holiday 4pm - 3am

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