October 27, 2014

Large Pores problems? Heavy Rotation is here to HELP!

Hello there!
Do you ever wonder how people have such flawless skin, and do you ever have the question "How come her makeup is so natural and silky?"
Well, as a makeup artist myself, I always wanna create beautiful natural makeup for my client.
So whats very important in creating a smooth skin-like makeup is the skin condition itself.
Just like a painter would need a smooth surface for a smooth painting!
Before you start doing your makeup, always prep your skin first.
Layer your skincare and then proceed to cosmetics!
You wanna look flawless, first you have to have a good base!
Many people has this large pores problem and that making the skin texture to look rather rough
I have got a solution for you now!
What is the purpose of this product?
-Cover up pores instantly and prevent oily shiny look
-Formulated with smooth and soft keeping formula
-Free of fragrance, mineral oil, synthetic pigment, alcohol and ultraviolet absorbent
-Contains 3 types of beauty essence:
Collagen (water soluble collagen), hyaluronic acid, silk powder 
 Basically, its 30g in size and with UV protection of SPF33
It comes with 2 shades
Which are
#01 (Lighter shade)
#02 (Darker shade)

This product by the name Pore Smooth Base claim to create a smooth surface of your skin
Your large visible pores will be smoothed, and cover up
To show you ladies are more visible result with this product, I tried it on a LEMON SKIN
You can actually see the difference!
The base actually cover up the pores and making the surface looking smoother
So how to actually use this base? and when should it be applied?
Since it comes with UV protections, you can actually use it as your daily sunscreen
Here is the sequence of how you can use this base
Cleanse - Toner - Serum - Day Moisturizer -  Heavy Rotation PORE SMOOTH BASE

How to apply? 
First, squeeze a 5 cents amount on your palm
Use your finger to spread on your palm to warm it first
Then from your palm, use your middle finger and your ring finger to smooth it evenly on your face.
When applying the base, smooth it outward until its even

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base 
is available at selected Sasa and Watsons outlets for 
RM 39.90

Grab yourself one now and enjoy the flawless skin
Have fun trying ladies!

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