November 6, 2014

Stay germ free with Dettol pH-balanced shower gel

Pretty sure everyone of you are constantly out and being exposed to treats of pollution / germs and dryness.
Well these arent something that you can see with your naked eyes nor feel with your fingers
Myself as a makeup artist and business person will need to travel in and out,places to places daily.
And I feel my skin is my protection against the dirt and germs that I am exposed to.
So for me, I take good care of my skin. Choosing the right product to use is very important.
I was so happy to see Malaysia's leading germ protection brand, DETTOL, introduced new improved Dettol Body Wash range with PH-BALANCED formulation
Dettol has been my family's trusted antiseptic brand since I was little. So they are the brand that I will choose for myself when it comes to germ protection
Not just a common body wash it is, but with pH-balanced formula
pH-balance is very important in keeping skin healthy and retaining skin's moisture
At the outer layer of our skin, we have this natural skin barrier:,
It is a very fine,slightly acidic invisible that protects the kin from bacteria,viruses and contamination
It is naturally secreted by the skin and a healthy pH is 4.0 - 6.0
This pH neutralized the germs and contamination keeping the skin healthy,soft and supple,free from dryness and abrasions.
In this country's hot and humid climate,with environmental factors such as pollution, change in temperature,diet and harsh household products can strip away the essential lipids on our skin outer layer which is a protective barrier for our skin.
When this barrier become compromised, it makes us susceptible to germs and potentially harmful pathogens 
What actually cause skin stress?
Central heating or Air conditioning,Environmental changes: UV rays, Exhaust fumes, Pollutants, Dust, haze, heat
Oxidants,Harmful microorganisms such as germs and bacteria
How do u take care of your skin natural barrier (Skin Acid-Mantle)
  1. Cleansing (with a slightly acidic cleanser) moisturize for healthy skin
  2. Antibacterial Protection for germ free skin
  3. Sun-Protection 
  4. Treat your skin gently
Its an honour to be invited to DETTOL media launch to experience the whole new level of skin germs free shower gel with pH-balanced formulation

We were shown how Dettol pH-balanced shower gel retain the moisture

 After 9 hours, the petals moisture in DETTOL is still retrained while the petals in Brand X is turning black

And then we are demonstrated on pH-balance using this pH pen

 Healthy pH shound be 4.0- 6.0
Which means around the orangy colour range in the pH colour chart
 This is shown the Dettol pH-balanced shower gel is compatible with our skin natural pH
Thus, it helps to restain the moisture and pH level making our skin germs/bacteria free throughout the day

We are now equipped with better knowledge about pH-balance
Thanks to DETTOL
 Thank you once again DETTOL for the amazing product
They are now my must have in my toiletries 

So people, let Dettol take care of your skin.
Take the Dettol pH Challenge now at
and you are entitle for RM5 off any Dettol pH balanced
625ml shower gel variant, on top of in 
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30th Oct – 31Dec

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