January 7, 2015

Thank you 2014

I am finally back to my blog again!
It was under construction for sometimes and I have no time to really blog effectively. Lots of post dated blogpost will be up. Yup back dated but I would like to share anyway.
Its now 2015
Bet everyone of you have got some resolutions list every end of the year before the new year.
Before I start talking about what are my plans for this year, let me make a short sum up of my 2014

Good bye 2014 , thank you for everything. Good and bad are all great.
Basically, 2014 was my major life challenge year.
It was the year I started my own company, namely Lartistry Professional and it was the year where I really have to take responsible in the path I choose for my life and experience the real world since then.
It wasnt easy, lots of managing thing to learn up and new level of stress to handle but I have learnt to love it.
Beauty has been my passion all this while and today I am lucky enough having the chance and convenience to do what I love and passionate about.
In 2014 I traveled a lot, gained lots of mind growing experience from it,
met new people and make new close friends which really changed me and my thoughts.
I have learnt the empowerment of friendship

Basically, learning is a never-ending life cirlce.
2014 was awesome, 2015 even better for sure!
Lets rock 2015 

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