April 11, 2015

How late could it be? Valentine's blog

Its March now and for now, Im gonna be blogging about my valentine's
But I am just gonna share this because I feel , this year, when I am on track l
building my career, my valentines celebration is totally different
Valentines day isnt the only day where you need to show how much you love your partner.
For my personal opinion, valentines is a day to celebrate the love that you and your partner had been sharing. Every time when it comes to Valentine's celebration, I usually take it really at priority.
However, this year, me and boyfie just had a good dinner.
A good quality time at the the dinner was what matter the most to me rather the gifts and plans for celebration.
Reserved our table at Matsu, Lone Pine Hotel
We went for japanese this year

A six course valentines set dinner served!

I dont know what to say, and I even felt in doubt when I dont care if there is any planned activities on the day like how I usually would care for.
I think it's just because I have changed the way I decide which is far more important.
The outer look or the the inner.
In these months of meeting new people, going different places, listening to what other have to say about their life have made me grow and evaluate lots of things.

I am looking forward for more in life!

Special dedicate this post to the one who made me who I am today
Thank you for giving me so much of challenges every day.
The roller coaster ride in our relationship was awesome and it made me go insane sometimes.
I am getting older, so keep the challenges less furious please
Thank you for making the 10th Valentine's together

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