April 30, 2015

Shiseido TSUBAKI ease your bad hair day!

My hair has been real trouble for me.
This is because, I have really thick hair and they are frizzy and dull.
Everytime I would need to properly style them to make it looks better.
As for now, my hair problem finally have a controller that handle them!
The "premium hair care" brand that care in making your hair looks beautiful and shiny
The name TSUBAKI means Camellia Flower.
What has it got to do in this hair care product?
In Japan, Camellia oil has always been one of the responsible for beautiful hair for conturies
It has the purpose keeping the hair moisture and shine.
RM38.90 for 550ml / bottle
TSUBAKI has different range of hair care. This with the maroon bottle is the shining series.
The shampoo and conditioner can be used daily and when you need extra treatment, they do have hair mask as well.

RM44.90 / bottle 
Tsubaki packaging is very classic and classy.
It has the refreshing flowery scent and of course at a reasonable price
I personally advice you not to compare too much of a price over the quality of a product
If you really love your hair, go for a good product that really take a good care of your hair.

As you can see from the label on their packaging, Camellia oil is their main ingredient.
In our tropical country, our hair is often being exposed to UV rays and heat. The UV rays and heat caused the loss of melanin in the hair fiber which then lead to dull and unhealthy hair.
Therefore, Tsubaki create Arginine that helps to repair these melanin holes and restore the inner structure of the hair structure which allows the light to reflect, creating a smooth and shiny hair from every angle.

Not just caring the outer layer of your hair but they are bringing the beauty inside out!

TSUBAKI is available in 3 series which are :
Damage Care
For Dry to damage hair
Specially designed to help brittle and damaged hair texture.
It doesnt just repair the outer layer but the amino penetrates deeply and repair the inner part of the damaged hair making the damaged hair stronger
For normal to dull hair
Camellia leaf essence that act as the moisturizer to your hair.
Tsubaki has the new techonolgy which lock up the moisture in your hair and making it looking shiny and healthy.
Head Spa
For all hair type and extra care for scalp
It helps to freshen up your scalp by removing the extra sebum and dirt.
It contains natural essential oil and camellia flower extract which sooth the scalp and prevent itchiness on the scalp

Special thanks to Tsubaki for sending me their care

I have got the SHINING series which I really need it because of my dull, thick and hard to manage hair
Brought it to the salon to tried out and lets see what I have at the end of the test

This is the texture of the conditioner. As you can see that it is quite concentrated.
So you really doesnt need to apply to much on your hair. A size of old 50 cents malaysia's coin will do just sufficient
 This is the texture of the shampoo.
Its rather easy to lather and this will ease your hair wash.
You dont need to take too long to bubble up

This is the before and after pictures before my hair wash with Tsubaki Shining serie shampoo and conditioner
I feel my hair is so much smoother and tangle free!
so much easier to manage for now!
The shines on my hair after the hair wash makes my hair looking healthier.
And of course the scent was lovely
Fresh flowery scent definitely an aromatheraphy!

To have sleek shiny hair isnt easy for me. But I am really happy and satisfied with what Tsubaki has done to my hair.
Shop now for your beautiful hair and say bye to bad hair day!
Shiseido Tsubaki is available in all major outlets
For more, LIKE their facebook page HERE

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