July 24, 2015

SHU UEMURA SKIN:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation + Brows:Sword

Friends always know me as a cosmetics junkie. Cant denied that,I am absolutely one big lover for cosmetics and I think I should be one for my job as a makeup instructor and also a professional makeup artist.
Lets talk about my current MUST-HAVE foundation in my makeup pouch
The trend of lightweighted,skin like makeup are very much still in rage
For a weather in our country which are hot and humid, you gonna armed yourself with knowledges on how to beat the heat!
Hmm! Sounds like a warrior huh! LOL
This summer, SHU UEMURA has come out with a solution for us to handle the heat whilst keeping the makeup at fresh state.
The newly launched SKIN:FIT COSMETIC WATER FOUNDATION promises to keep our skin feeling fresh , remains lightweight and breathable throughout the day (up to 12hours)
So, how could you not love it right?
Shu Uemura’s Skin:Fit Foundation is a new bi-phase foundation that is oil-free.  
It contains a refreshing cosmetic water made from mint and pomegranate extracts that keeps the skin feeling refreshed and has antioxidant benefits.
Suspended at the bottom in the cosmetic water is a special triple powder complex that is formulated with airlicium to absorb excess sebum and keep the face matte; perlite to absorb sweat and prevent the makeup from fading.
The powder also act as imperfections cover giving a more smooth looking surface.
The formula also contains water-dispersed organic UV filters and provides SPF30 PA+++
So worry-not now,your skin is protected from the UV rays!
Make sure you try it out at their retails to get your shade.
Mine is #774 light beige
comes together with this foundation is their uniquely designed sponge
It is a special dual sided sponge and each side has its own purpose
SHU UEMURA always creative in designing different kind of sponge to be paired with their every release of their new series of foundation
This surface is also called as the 'brush'
It has the velvety feel and it is to actually hold the products and to apply it to our skin
 The spongy side is for your to smooth your application and it also act as the absorbent of excess water from the foundation and excess sebum. It will then set the foundation into your skin, making it well intact.
I tried it with my own small kabuki brush, and it works quite well for me but, you must really blend it well before the foundation dries up.
If you have a very dry skin, sponge will be a great tools for your foundation application.
To start using this foundation, give it a good shake to get the powder and the cosmetics water well mixed
Pour a little out at the back of your hand or your palm, whichever you are used to and then pick the products with the sponge.
At first before it dries, its has got this dewy effect, and once you smooth it over your skin, and it dries up leaving your skin a matte finishing
Thus, you can actually skip your loose powder or maybe if you want super matte finishing or you have super oily face, you may wanna top it up with your setting powder
 Lets get it started now
Apply your daily skincare first before you start doing your makeup

My bare face before starting off with my super sheer makeup
Since SKIN:FIT FOUNDATION gonna be giving you matte finishing, and your prefer to have dewy shiny look, prep your skin with hydrating or illuminating primer beforehand.
First, dab and smooth the foundation all over your face.
Shu Uemura Skin FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation - RM148(each bottle of skin:FIT comes with 1 pentagon brushing sponge)Shu Uemura pentagon brushing sponge (pack of 4) - RM37
Using the spongy side, smoothen and set the foundation by dabbing all over.
You gotta work it fast coz the foundation dries up pretty quick.
Blending will be harder when it is dry.
Its coverage is light to medium and I wouldnt advise your to layer up for more coverage because of its water-based formula
Once done with the foundation, I completed my look with my blusher,eyeliner and also eyebrows
I am using cream blusher to give a more natural glow flush. With the SKIN:FIT Foundation texture, the cream blush gonna make your blush looks like its emerging from the under of your skin.

The all date must have eyeliner is next. Prefer it in gel form as it is more lasting and matte.
Liquid sometimes can be shiny tho.
Move on to the brows
I am gonna introduce you SHU UEMURA newly launched brows pencil!
Shu Uemura has been very famous with their legendary HARD FORMULA BROWS PENCIL,there are my super favourite items too and I have collected few colours too!
Now Shu Uemura is coming out with BROWS:SWORD brows pencil!
Shu Uemura Brow Sword RM145 (refill cartridge RM70)
 Shu Uemura Brow:sword comes in a plastic refillable case, and the brow pencil itself is retractable. It is pre-shaped into the Naginata shape, and comes with a special sharpener to keep the tip of the pencil perfectly sharpened
 To sharpen, just twist the bottom cap to reveal the sharpener, and gently slide the pencil along the curve of the sharpener at a 30 degree angle a few times until it is sharpened to the thinness that you are satisfied with. How I wish the Hard Formula Pencil can have retractable sharpener attached to it too!
You have all you need for brows in one single pencil and that is very very convenient and handy!
My natural dewy makeup look is almost completed
Few more swipes and DONE!
Easy makeup that took me just 5minutes
No hassel No rushing and I am all good to go!
Have fun trying

Visit www.shuuemuramy.com for more

July 2, 2015


If you love music and always go for quality, bet you know SUDIO SWEDEN
I personally not a big fan of earphones however when I get to know SUDIO, It makes me feel that I just gotta own this stylish piece of earphone!
For me, SUDIO earphone is like a mixture of fashion + style + technology
Of course, they deliver really quality sound too with the stylish outlook is an extra bonus!
Mats Wallsten is the designer behind SUDIO
They now have 2 type of earphones available for purchase.
Sudio Klang
Sudio Tva
(Both available in White, Black, Orange, Brown)You can learn about them more at their official website
www.sudiosweden.com (Malaysia)

I chose SUDIO Klang for myself  RM249
The packaging itself elevate its status.
Definitely not just an ordinary common earphone but an earphone with style!
Accessorize your plain outfit with a little sleek touch using Sudio earphone
What you have in the box
 SUDIO Klang works best for iPhone (3 buttons) and has one cord longer than the other for the
stay-in-ear function whilst for SUDIO Två features one button only to fit all devices and with two long cords.
The design of the earbuds are great! The rubber covers the ear tightly and works as noise-proof.
Make your purchase now  at www.sudiosweden.com with this discount code  
You will be entitled for a 15% off from your checkout 

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