August 17, 2015

Mon Cheri boutique soft launch at Gurney Plaza

Mon Cheri finally has their first boutique opened!
Beautiful france themed boutique in Gurney Plaza.
All this while, you can only get Mon Cheri's products through online
but now, they are available for you offline!
Mon Cheri boutique has got all of their products displayed.
You get to tried out and get advises from their in-store beauty consultant
and thus, you would be able to get products that suits your skin type.
Mon Cheri has skincare for skin ranging from
Normal - Oily - Dry - Combination - Sensitive 
They have got almost everything you have for your skin.
Clenaser - Toner - Serum - Moisturizer - Lightening cream - Sunblock - Lipcare
Well I am very glad to be invited to their soft launch and from there I get to know more about Mon Cheri. Need not to mention, I have now love their products so much!

My companion of the day, Ms Hui Ting
Thanks for joining me
 Of Course it was great to meet up with lovely people during the event

With the founder of Mon Cheri, Caroline
A very friendly, nice and caring lady boss
You definitely can tell by looking at MON CHERI lovely designed packaging.
How much loves she has for Mon Cheri and how much love she want to deliver to us!
Thank you so much for having me and sending me so much love!
Trust me, she is one extraordinary lady boss who care for your skin just like how she cares for her own's. With such founder, you know you can rely on their brand!
Mon Cheri boutique in Gurney Plaza has got wonderful service.
The beauty consultant will serve you to your skin's need
Before ending my post,
let me show you my favourite picks! 
MON CHERI Aloe Vera Gel - 150mlMy daily essential. Will show you how this aloe vera gel be very multi functional in my upcoming blogpost!

Mon Cheri Moisturizing Lip Balm
The cooling effect is just so soothing! You with sore dry lips now has the help!

Thanks for the LOVE, Mon Cheri

Get Mon Cheri ONLINE at
key in CHRISTER05 during your checkout to get special discount

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