October 8, 2015

Calla Cleanse by Clariancy

If you have been following me for long, you definitely know I am a beauty junky!
Yes I am one big beauty junky.
If you are too, you definitely are a person who really particular on skin caring steps like what products work best on your skin, what is good for your skin, and how to look good etc.
Well, I am saying most about skin because its the biggest organ and that the first thing people see on you when they look at you at their first glance.
In skin care, my top priority is always hygiene.
You have to keep your skin clean so that you are free from those infections,be it your face or body.
Today, I am focusing on FACE
Daily face cleaning (Day & Night) is something you shouldnt skip
In your daily cleaning, how clean do you think you are able to clean your face, especially with all the exposure to the dirts and dust in the air and makeup
I run a test.
Clariancy sent me their cleansing device called Calla Cleanse 
I tried it and made my review and comparison
So this is what I get from the box.
You will have 1 pouch,1 calla cleanse device and 1 charger cord
Its quite handy because it very light and small
 Here are the overview of Calla Cleanse

 Calla Cleanse has got vibration intensity button where you can adjust the intensity of the vibration that you want on certain area of your face. It is a chargeable device which I think the power is more effective than those that is battery operated.

Calla cleanse is made of soft sonic silicon and it is very gentle to skin. Their special silicon is suitable for all skin types and there is no need to change the brush head.
So, you can save on the monthly changing brush head cost.

The design of the device is also very good as It can reach the area at the side of the nose just well during cleansing.

Today, I am showing you a comparison to test how clean your face will be using Calla Cleanse
I put on foundation all over my face and then I cleaned them off with milk cleanser
Left side : I clean using hands
Right side : I clean using Calla Cleanse

Here are the STEPS

Done cleaning and It looks very promising and clean here.
Now I am gonna use makeup remover lotion to wipe on my face to see if there is any makeup left after face wash

Here is the result!
A very obvious result you can see!
There is almost no residue left on the side of my face that is cleansed with CALLA CLEANSE whilst there is quite lot of makeup left at the side of the face that I clean it with my hand.

You make the judge people!
For more details, visit www.clariancy.com
 This great invention is a must-have for everyone, be it ladies or gentlemen!

Shop yours now at clariancy.com / any Clariancy retails:

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